Northern parties react to election outcome as O’Neill calls on Irish and British governments to deliver plan to reform Stormont

Sinn Féin secured 30.9 per cent of first preference votes, ahead of the DUP on 23.3 per cent , 13.3 per cent for Alliance, 10.9 per cent for the Ulster Unionists and 8.7 per cent for the SDLP

  • May 21, 2023
Michelle O’Neill, Sinn Féin vice president: “All the while when the DUP stay out of the Executive and the Assembly public services are suffering, the public are suffering because of austerity, because of cuts that are coming directly from London.” Picture: Getty

Michelle O’Neill, the vice president of Sinn Féin, has called on the British and Irish governments to deliver a plan to restore the Stormont powersharing institutions.

It came as her party delivered a stunning success in the council elections, becoming the largest party in local government in Northern Ireland for the first time.

Ms O’Neill said there now needed to be an urgent meeting of the British-Irish Intergovernmental Conference to plot a route to restore ...