Ministers to discuss renewing Covid supports for hospitality sector

Cabinet sub-committee meets tomorrow to tackle thorny issue of how to shore up industry hit hardest by latest restrictions

Michael Martin’s comments in the Dáil last week, where he indicated a willingness to discuss supports like the Covid Restrictions Supports Scheme (CRSS) with the hospitality industry, are seen in government as significant. Picture: Damien Eagers

Ministers are to discuss the possibility of restoring Covid-19 supports to the hospitality sector at a cabinet sub-committee meeting tomorrow.

Publicans are pushing hard for the forthcoming reductions in the wage subsidy scheme on December 1 to be halted, and for the reintroduction of the pandemic unemployment payment (PUP) for nightclub workers who have been laid off due to the midnight curfew on the sector.

Restaurant owners have also complained that they are facing a ...