Leo Varadkar: Prospect of Sinn Féin justice minister ‘repugnant’

Taoiseach accused Sinn Féin of lying to either Irish public or multinational firms in its economic policy

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar: “There's a lot of people talking about some of the horrific things that are happening now in the Middle East, but we have in Sinn Féin a party that will not acknowledge war crimes that may have happened in this country.” Picture: Sam Boal/Rollingnews.ie

Leo Varadkar has described the prospect of a Sinn Féin justice minister in government as “repugnant”, and has accused the party of campaigning different economic policies to multinational firms and the Irish public.

The Taoiseach’s comments come after Fine Gael held a “special conference” in Maynooth this weekend, in which the party vowed it was ready to serve a fourth term in government and urged attendees “don’t let the populists in”.

Last week, Sinn Féin ...