‘It’s been a nightmare’: the telco, the Taliban and the Irish whistleblower

In 2016, Michael Power took a job with TCell, the Tajikistani arm of Swedish telecoms giant Telia. He discovered what he claims was tax fraud – then, he says, came threats to his life

Michael Power: the accountant joined TCell in Tajikistan as chief financial officer. Picture: Bryan Meade

In early 2016, Michael Power took up a six-month contract for what he thought would be a relatively straightforward job in Tajikistan. The Waterford-born accountant was hired to get the finances in order at a mobile phone operator which Telia, the Swedish telecoms giant, was planning to sell off.

The company he joined as chief financial officer was called TCell and was based in Tajikistan, a former Soviet republic with an authoritarian government and a ...