Greens fail to reach accord over party leaders’ CETA change of mind

Eamon Ryan and the other three Green ministers’ move to ratify the economic and trade agreement with Canada has led to protests that CETA, strongly opposed within the party, was not discussed during talks on government formation

Catherine Martin, Green Party deputy leader, and Eamon Ryan, leader: their move to ratify CETA has drawn the ire of some other party members. Photo: Sam Boal/

Laura Donaghy can vividly recall the long weeks Green Party members spent debating, analysing and arguing over the merits of the programme for government last summer ahead of their eventual vote to approve it.

The South Dublin county councillor remembers how members went through each element of the deal with a “fine tooth comb”, culminating in a marathon eight-hour debate that resulted in them voting to enter government with Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael.

“At ...