Ex-RTÉ CFO’s €450k exit package should be reassessed, excess funds should be ‘handed back’, says Martin

Tánaiste said that the Breda O’Keeffe’s exit package should be examined in the context of existing scheme within RTÉ

Micheál Martin: “I find it difficult to comprehend how packages are agreed without the approval of the board or the executive at the time and not in alignment with the agreed procedures.” Picture: Conor McCabe

The Tánaiste has said that the €450,000 exit package given to a former RTÉ chief financial officer should be “reassessed”.

Micheál Martin said that if the exit package is found to be too high, then anything above the proper package should be “handed back”.

The value of the payment to Breda O’Keeffe came to light as RTÉ executives and board members appeared before the Oireachtas media committee following the publication of two reports – one that looked at two voluntary exit schemes at RTÉ and one that looked at Toy Show The Musical.