Zoan develops 3D-printed human bone grafts from locally grown coral

Company to collaborate with Swedish company Cellink on groundbreaking new project using coral grown in Connemara

Stephen Wann, chief executive, Zoan BioMed: the marine coral is grown at its facility on the shores of Lough Inagh. Picture: Bryan Meade

Zoan BioMed, a Connemara-based company, has teamed up with Swedish-listed Cellink to develop 3D-print human bone grafts from sustainable marine coral grown in Ireland.

Cellink has developed technology to print tissues such as skin, liver and cartilage. It is now aiming to use biomaterials developed by Zoan as “bioinks” to allow surgeons and researchers to print coral-derived solutions onsite using 3D bioprinters.

The partnership has the potential to revolutionise orthopaedics with the ability to have ...