‘You f*****g fleeced me’: Ronan O’Gara’s legal dispute over pub venture

A case involving a ‘friendly’ financial arrangement that has gone sour between Ronan O’Gara and his old friend, farmer and ex-amateur rugby player John O’Driscoll, is now being heard in the High Court

Ronan O’Gara: the former rugby player is challenging the personal insolvency arrangement of John O’Driscoll, an old friend and fellow rugby player from his amateur days. Picture: Shutterstock

“I see other gentlemen of the senior bar here,” Mr Justice Alexander Owens said in the High Court at his Monday morning personal insolvency list last week. “Is there anything I can do for you two gentlemen?”

The judge was curious as to why two senior counsel were in court 26 for the personal insolvency list, which is typically the realm of junior counsel and solicitors. The case before him involved a well-known property developer, ...