Israel-Hamas War

Voices from a traumatised, fearful, changed, and very unpredictable Israel

Women living in Israel talk to the Business Post about the emotional aftermath of the October 7 terrorist attacks, and how they feel about the bombing of Gaza

Photographs of Israelis kidnapped by Hamas terrorists during a protest demanding their release outside the HaKirya military base in central Tel Aviv. Picture: Bloomberg

In their dying moments, Rinat, a social worker in Tel Aviv, and Chen, her husband, formed a shield around their two youngest children, protecting them from the Hamas terrorists’ bullets that would extinguish their lives and those of their two eldest children in a heinous attack on October 7.

Eleven-year-old Tomer and Nir, his eight-year-old brother, survived. Rinat, Chen, Ido (14) and Alon (16) did not.

“All her life, she helped people,” Meital, a fellow social worker, told the Business Post last week as she returned from her murdered friend Rinat’s funeral.