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Vincent Boland: Biden may be old, but Nato comments show Trump is unhinged

The world has gotten used to the deadbeat developer-turned-politician talking trash, but his comments last week still shocked

We know from his first term that Donald Trump is unfit to be president. His record of criminal indictments and atrocious behaviour make that unfitness even more manifest. And yet it is Biden, we are led to believe, with the re-election problem. Picture: Getty

Donald Trump hardly ever picks up the bill. The former US president built his property business on tax avoidance and a mountain of debt. Investors have lost money on nearly every Trump venture. He has been shunned by most Wall Street banks for years. The armies of lawyers he has hired since leaving the White House struggle to get paid, according to the New York Times.

Yet this serial bankrupt and deadbeat, and possible next US president, is the man who, last week, screamed at America’s Nato allies to pay up for defence.