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This week: Minister threatens to cap RTÉ exit payments; Pearse Doherty on Sinn Féin’s poll slump

We have full-colour coverage of RTÉ, Ires Reit, Denis O’Brien and more this week. Read on for more

Today’s front page: more problems for RTÉ, and issues at the Companies Registration Office

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For taxpayers, last week's Oireachtas committee hearing with RTÉ will have been a difficult watch. The national broadcaster can't seem to free itself from controversy, and the revelation that it paid its former chief financial officer a €450,000 exit package will pile more pressure on Kevin Bakhurst and the new leadership team.

We're leading on RTÉ today, as Catherine Martin, the media minister, tells our poltical correspondent Cónal Thomas that she is considering a cap on exit payments for the station's high earners. Cónal also has a must-read piece on the future funding model of RTÉ, and the seemingly intractable problem of what to do about it.