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This week: Developers’ Sinn Féin fears, Big Tech’s chip demands

This week’s edition is packed with original stories and insightful analysis on business and politics

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This week we lead with a story that shows that the biggest developers in Ireland are growing increasingly concerned about Sinn Féin's proposals to radically overhaul housing policy if it leads the next government, an interesting development given that Sinn Féin's senior politicians have been engaging in a concerted effort to meet business leaders in recent months to assuage any concerns about their plans. Eoin O'Hare and Donal MacNamee have the story.

The death of Tony O’Reilly was announced on Saturday evening and his biographer Matt Cooper writes a superb appraisal which argues that the tycoon was arguably the most interesting non-elected public figure in Ireland in the last sixty years.

With the EU divided on money, environment, defence and immigration, policy editor Daniel Murray and Brussels correspondent Sarah Collins launch the first part of the Future of Europe, a comprehensive new series which will run over the coming months looks at the major issues facing the bloc at a pivotal moment.

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I would also like to announce the appointment of Kathleen Gallagher as our new markets correspondent. Kathleen has two articles today outlining the importance of understanding money movements for all businesses and consumers and the need for a friendlier environment for individual investors in Ireland.

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But more importantly check back on throughout the week where we will be reporting from the Global Economic Summit in Kerry this evening through to the close on Wednesday. And if you are among the 400 delegates joining us for keynote speakers from all around the world, including politicians, business leaders and policy experts, then we hope you enjoy the show.

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