‘The Park is magnificent . . . my role now is to not screw it up,’ says hotel’s new owner

Evolution not revolution is on the menu for Bryan Meehan, who has taken over the well known Kenmare establishment

Bryan Meehan at the Park Hotel in Kenmare: ‘Ireland needs to position itself as one of the leading countries in the world around sustainability. It hasn’t done that yet.’ Picture: Alan Landers.

Bryan Meehan is not a businessman who likes to sit at a desk.

On Friday morning, leaves were loudly crunching under his feet and the birds were in full chorus in the trees as he strode around the grounds of the Park Hotel in Kenmare, which he acquired from Francis and John Brennan last week.

“The Park Hotel is a magnificent place, most of all because of the team here. In one sense, my role now is to not screw it up,” Meehan told the Business Post.