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The legal horse whisperer: ‘When the billable hour becomes the master it’s a problem’

Hannah Carney has gone from a McCann Fitzgerald partner to helping legal professionals deal with the stresses of the job

Hannah Carney, of Hannah Carney & Associates: ‘It’s about trying to get back in balance, and treating people in a way that enables them to realise they can think well.’ Picture: Fergal Phillips

Black-and white and surrounded by red ivy, the door at 46 Fitzwilliam Square is a unique sight to passers-by on this quiet street in Georgian Dublin.

For many stressed-out lawyers working in corporate firms around the city, the door at No 46 is also a portal of sorts.

“That’s the door,” Hannah Carney says in a whisper to imitate how others have described pointing it out. “The door you go into if you’re looking for ...