Shaking up the Dáil

‘Terrors’: Boundary commission chief on the fear of the domino effect

Ms Juctice Marie Baker says deciding on some boundary redraws gave commission members ‘nightmares’

Ms Justice Marie Baker, electoral commission chair: “None of it was easy because obviously once you create one constituency there can be a domino effect on the ones around it…The domino effect is biggest of course in the middle of the country.” Picture: Collins

Reviewing the boundaries of some constituencies gave members of the Electoral Commission “nightmares”, but has resulted in a “much clearer” electoral map, Justice Marie Baker, the chair of the commission, has said.

The comments comes as Coimisiún Toghcháin, the new Electoral Commission, published its sweeping recommended changes to the number of TDs and the boundaries of constituencies.

It has recommended an additional 14 TDs at the next election, bringing the number of TDs to 174, ...