State aims to nurture community leaders in gang-afflicted areas

The government is to provide almost €200,000 in funding for an 18-month leadership course for individuals from both Darndale and Drogheda

Gardaí at the scene after a murder in Darndale last year. Communities have been subject to intimidation from criminals, which has made it more difficult for community leaders to speak up for their areas. Picture: Colin Keegan/Collins

The state is providing funding in a bid to develop community leaders in two areas affected by gangland violence.

A series of murders occurred in Darndale in north Dublin in late 2019 and a long-running feud between drugs gangs in Drogheda has resulted in several killings, including the murder and dismemberment of 17-year-old Keane Mulready-Woods in January 2020.

The government is now providing €188,000 in funding for an 18-month leadership course for a select group ...