Solicitor who owed barrister €20,000 had to pay towards misconduct investigation despite settling debt

The Legal Services Regulatory Authority said it was in the public interest for the investigation to continue even though the barrister had been paid for his work and was prepared to withdraw his complaint

The LSRA received 673 complaints about legal practitioners between March and September. Picture: Getty

A solicitor who owed a barrister €20,000 for criminal legal aid work was required to pay for the costs of a misconduct investigation despite paying the barrister for his work.

The misconduct complaint, which was dealt with by the Legal Services Regulatory Authority (LSRA), resulted in the solicitor paying €2,500 toward the costs of an investigation, along with the money owed to the barrister, which dated back to 2016.

The LSRA said that, during the ...