Siro to offer two-gigabit broadband to its customers in 2022

The broadband provider will not be operating in the areas covered by the National Broadband Plan, but will compete against Eir, which is rolling out its own fibre network

John Keaney, chief executive at Siro, told the Business Post it would be rolled out across the country next year Picture: Fergal Phillips

Siro is to make its two-gigabit fibre broadband service available to all of its 115,000 existing customers by midway through next year, the company has said.

The broadband provider has been rolling out its fibre-to-the-home network across the country over the last number of years and has passed 410,000 homes and businesses, of which 115,000 have signed up to its service to date.

The company last week announced a significant expansion of that network which ...