ServiceNow boss: no layoffs for us because ‘we’ve had strong financial discipline’

Recent large-scale cuts made by the likes of Google and Meta will only damage their offering, says ServiceNow EMEA president Ulrik Nehammer

Ulrik Nehammer, EMEA president, ServiceNow: ‘If anyone reading this is a top performer who has just been laid off, they should give us a call’

ServiceNow’s European boss has questioned the decision by so many tech firms to cut large numbers of jobs in recent months. Ulrik Nehammer, the firm’s EMEA president, told the Business Post that the recent large-scale cuts by multinationals risk harming their products and offering in the long term.

“You can’t just get rid of 10 per cent of your workforce without having to do something that will not benefit the customer,” Nehammer said.

ServiceNow is ...