Senior Dublin-based X employee says Elon Musk exposed him to abuse and risk of violence

Aaron Rodericks, global co-lead of threat disruption at firm formerly known as Twitter, has secured an injunction stopping the company from taking any more steps in a disciplinary process against him

Elon Musk: Irish-based employee has accused the X owner of defaming him. Picture: Getty

A senior Irish-based Twitter employee who secured an injunction against his employer over a disciplinary process has alleged that Elon Musk’s conduct was exposing him to abuse and the risk of physical violence.

Aaron Rodericks, who is co-lead of threat disruption at X, formerly known as Twitter, also alleged that Musk defamed him in a recent post which he said contained an untrue and “scandalous” statement.

Rodericks secured the order last month after alleging that ...