Ryanair: ‘Hard to say’ if consumers would pay higher fares for sustainable fuel

Airlines director of sustainability says he expects the widespread adoption of sustainable aviation fuel in the next 10 years

EU rules state that fuel suppliers to the aviation sector must ensure that SAF accounts for 2 per cent of the fuel made available at airports in the EU by next year, rising to 6 per cent in 2030, and 20 per cent by 2035. Picture: Getty

Ryanair is confident that sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) will be widely adopted by the sector in the near future, but is unsure if consumers will buy in to higher fares that could come with the switch.

According to Thomas Fowler, director of Sustainability and Finance at Ryanair, SAF will be more readily available across Europe “within the next 10 years”, and will be taken up in flights due to an EU mandate.

Bloc rules state ...