Ronan O’Gara claims former teammate ‘fleeced’ him, in court filing

Rugby star says John O’Driscoll breached his trust in relation to case dealing with personal insolvency arrangement

Ronan O’Gara is a shareholder in Ezeon, which is bringing the application against the PIA and was a creditor in the arrangement. Picture: Getty

Ronan O’Gara claimed his former teammate “fleeced” him by withdrawing money from a company in which they were both shareholders, according to text messages filed as part of an ongoing legal case.

The Munster rugby legend exhibited the texts as part of an affidavit he filed last week seeking to set aside the personal insolvency arrangement (PIA) of John O’Driscoll, a former Cork Constitution teammate he had previously backed in a pub venture.

O’Gara alleged ...