Rejected 8.5% pay hike for pilots took into account previously agreed conditions, Aer Lingus claims

The airline is pushing back after its 8.5 per cent pay bump was resoundingly defeated by the pilots’ union

Aer Lingus said its 8.5 per cent pay offer increase – agreed at the firm’s pay tribunal in December – needed to be seen in the broader context of pre-pandemic agreements. Picture: Artur Widak/NurPhoto

Aer Lingus said its rejected pay hike offer took account of benefits such as extra summer leave and more flexibility for pilots agreed by their union in 2019.

The airline’s offer was rejected by 98 per cent of unionised pilots after cockpit crew voted against an 8.5 per cent wage increase over three years.

The offer took into account a 3.75 per cent deduction as a result of previous agreements with the union on leave ...