Health Tapes

Reid told Watt to retract ‘unwarranted slurs’ on HSE following health tape revelations

The soon-to-depart HSE boss warned its secretary general that the ‘disparaging and damaging manner’ in which his staff were referred to on a whistleblower’s recordings had caused bad feeling within the organisation

Paul Reid (left) told Robert Watt to retract remarks made about HSE staff. Picture: RollingNews

Paul Reid called on Robert Watt to retract what he said were “unwarranted slurs” on HSE staff made by Department of Health officials following the Business Post’s health tapes revelations.

The outgoing HSE chief executive warned the health department’s secretary general that the “disparaging and damaging manner” in which government officials referred to his staff had caused frustration within the health agency.

In a terse letter sent the same Sunday that the Business Post’s story ...