Gender Equality

Red C survey: Irish women still see less workplace opportunities than men

New research finds Irish women aged 35 to 54 are particularly time-pressured with 41% saying they had less than two hours to spare every day

Irish research for the global project was carried out by RedC

More than half of Irish women believe they have less job and career opportunities than men, according to a new study from WIN International, the international market research and polling organisation, published to coincide with International Women’s Day.

Irish research for the report, which surveyed almost 29,000 respondents in 39 countries around the world, was carried out by RedC research. Sinead Mooney, managing director of RedC, said only 39 per cent of people surveyed globally believe that women have the same opportunities as men career-wise.

“This number has improved marginally from 2021, but it is evident there is more work to do here,” Mooney said.

In Ireland, 48 per cent of total respondents stated that women have lesser opportunities in Ireland. But among Irish women, the figure was 58 per cent.

Some 51 per cent of male respondents globally do not think a gender pay gap exists, versus 38 per cent of women. In Ireland, one in three of those surveyed stated that women are paid less than men, rising to 37 per cent among Irish women.

When it comes to free time, RedC found that Irish women aged 35 to 54 are particularly time-pressured, with 41 per cent of them stating that they have less than two hours of free time per day. Only 25 per cent of men in the same age range reported having similarly low levels of free time.

The number of Irish women planning to start their own business was low, at 4 per cent, but so too was the number of Irish men, at just 6 per cent.

Red C is a company within the Business Post Group. Today sees the launch of the Business Post Leading Women lunch, a new event that brings together senior women to discuss issues including the gender pay gap, wealth management, and leadership issues.

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