Queen Elizabeth ‘suggested Boris Johnson contact Leo Varadkar’ to avoid no-deal Brexit

Political historian Anthony Seldon writes in a new book that the British Queen ‘delicately planted’ the idea in the then prime minister’s head that he should contact the Taoiseach to try and save the Brexit negotiations

A new book claims that the British Queen steered Johnson to contact Leo Varadkar personally to break the Brexit impasse. Picture: Getty

A new book about Queen Elizabeth II claims she persuaded Boris Johnson, the former British prime minister, to approach Leo Varadkar to beak the impasse on Brexit.

The details of her intervention are contained in a new book by Anthony Seldon, a political historian, and deals with a particularly tense period in late 2019 as Britain hurtled towards a no-deal Brexit.

Seldon's book claims that during the pandemic, Johnson visited the British Queen at Balmoral, ...