Publicans to take Diageo price hikes ‘on the chin’ as pints go up by 4 cent

One Dublin pub-owner told the Business Post that pints are not the only prices increases pubs have had to contend with, with Diageo raising the price of its spirits brands three times in the last year

Guinness accounts for for 60 to 80 per cent of total pint sales, according to a Dublin publican. Picture: Getty

Publicans will have to take Diageo’s latest pint price hike “on the chin,” according to one Dublin pub owner, as the industry has also faced three rounds of increases on the price of spirits from the drinks giant in the last year.

Diageo formally raised the price of its draught beer portfolio, including Guinness, by 4 cent in Ireland on Monday. The move, which was announced last month, followed a previous increase of 12 cent ...