Perpetrators of domestic violence should have to leave their homes, minister says

Helen McEntee says she wants to find ways of getting around the current ‘legal barriers’ that protect those who commit domestic violence

Helen McEntee, the Minister for Justice: ‘I think we need to make sure that there is not a situation where the victim is always the person that has to leave the home.’ Picture: Sasko Lazarov/Photocallireland

The perpetrators of domestic violence should be the people who have to leave their homes instead of women and children, under the state’s new domestic violence strategy.

Under the current system, women who suffer domestic violence can apply for a barring order to get their partner out of the house. But this process can take time, meaning they may have to flee with their children to a refuge in the meantime.

Helen McEntee, the Minister for Justice, told the Business Post that she wanted to find ways of getting around the current “legal barriers” that protected perpetrators, as part of the state’s new “zero tolerance” strategy on domestic, sexual and gender based violence.