O’Flynn prevails in Supreme Court battle over neighbour’s PIA

The Cork developer had repeatedly challenged his neighbour’s arrangement, in order to highlight ‘fundamental issues’ in the insolvency system

Michael O’ Flynn pictured leaving the Four Courts in Dublin: ‘This was never personal as regards the people involved.’ Picture: Collins Courts

A mere 18 months ago Cork developer Michael O’Flynn was dubbed a “sore loser” looking for a “fool’s pardon” as part of his repeated attempts to challenge his neighbour’s personal insolvency arrangement (PIA).

On Thursday, however, the high-profile developer emerged victorious in his legal action after the highest court in the land sided with him.

“I think I have highlighted something that needed to be highlighted; I couldn’t believe that this situation existed, I took issue with it and the Supreme Court has vindicated my position,” O’Flynn told the Business Post.