Material renegotiation of Brexit trade deal ‘not on the table’ - Minister for European Affairs

Peter Burke says despite Keir Starmer’s pledge to revisit Brexit deal if elected to No 10, he does not expect a renegotiation of the document

Peter Burke, Minister of State for European Affairs: “Ireland will continue to work to foster political relationships and agreements with our closest neighbour, as will our European counterparts, but I don’t expect reopening the terms of the Trade and Co-operation Agreement will form part of this.” Picture: Fergal Phillips

It is not expected that a “material renegotiation” of the post-Brexit trading deal with the EU will be on the table if Labour get’s into power in the UK, the Irish Minister for European Affairs has said.

Peter Burke, the Fine Gael TD and Minister of State for European Affairs, was responding to comments by Keir Starmer, the British Labour Party leader and Rishi Sunak’s biggest competitor in the race to Downing Street, who said that he would renegotiate the EU-UK Trade and Co-operation Agreement if he becomes British prime minister, to achieve a closer trading relationship with the EU.