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Nikki Haley: the woman hoping to beat Trump to the Republican nomination

As Ron DeSantis exits stage right, Nikki Haley is now the only opponent standing between Trump and the GOP nomination. However, ‘it’s time to put an accountant in the White House,’ is not a campaign slogan likely to derail Trump’s lead

Republican presidential candidate former UN ambassador Nikki Haley in Manchester, New Hampshire. PIcture: Getty

By 8.02 on Friday morning Nikki Haley, bright- eyed, beaming and seemingly oblivious to the icy cold, was already at her second campaign event of the day, eagerly chatting with diners at Kay’s Café and Bakery. By 8.00 that evening, she had clocked up another half dozen appearances – including pit stops at a Charter School, an iconic country store and a few more eateries.

Earnest and agreeable, she was wholly at ease during 12 ...