Lawyers in Web Summit lawsuits urged to meet this month as document discovery process ‘drags on’

Mr Justice Denis McDonald was told of a ‘distinct lack of urgency’ in Web Summit’s handling of discovery issues

Paddy Cosgrave, Web Summit chief executive: Cosgrave has sued David Kelly, a co-founder and shareholder, over alleged breach of fiduciary duties, while Kelly is suing Cosgrave for alleged minority shareholder oppression. Picture: Sam Barnes

A High Court judge has urged lawyers for the Web Summit co-founders to meet “face to face“ to resolve certain issues as opposed to airing their disputes in large volumes of legal correspondence.

Mr Justice Denis McDonald said he was “dismayed” by the situation and finality must be brought in relation to the issue of discovery as it had been “dragging on”.

He made the comments after being told of what counsel alleged was a ...