Lawsuit over €62,000 rent arrears settled out of court

Gradual Investments had sued property developer Conor Clarkson over pub lease dispute

Conor Clarkson and Cudsea, a company of which he is a director, were sued by Gradual Investments Ltd for nearly €62,000 in rent arrears due on the Powerscourt Arms Hotel in Co Wicklow. Picture: Getty

A lawsuit which involved the transfer of a €1.75 million hotel and a Celtic Tiger-era property developer has been settled, the High Court has heard.

Conor Clarkson was one of five defendants in a High Court case that centred on a dispute over rent for a pub in south Dublin. Gradual Investments Ltd, a property investment company, had sued Clarkson and Cudsea, a company in which Clarkson is a director.

Cudsea entered into a lease ...