Judge overseeing new planning court says it will put a ‘metaphorical gun to the head’ of litigants

Mr Justice Richard Humphreys, called an ‘activist judge’ by the then head of the planning authority, says it’s not his job to please people

Mr Justice Richard Humphreys. “Law, ultimately, is about people . . . it's got to work, it’s got to be practical insofar as it can be.” Picture: Fergal Phillips

The judge managing a new planning and environment court said it will put a ”metaphorical gun to the head” of litigants.

Mr Justice Richard Humphreys, who is in charge of the court being formally launched tomorrow, said new practice directions will strive to fix earlier court dates, including up to two terms in advance and as soon as the opposition has been filed.

He said this will facilitate the diaries of litigants, such as developers ...