Social Welfare

Jobseekers benefit to be linked to time spent working under new proposals

Plans being brought to Cabinet could see unemployed people receive more than the current weekly rate after being made redundant

Heather Humphreys: Minister for Social Protection: “What I’m proposing is that if you find yourself unemployed, that you will get a payment that is commensurate with the length of time you’ve been working.” Picture: Leah Farrell /

Job-seeker support is set to incorporate a pay-related element under proposals being brought to Cabinet.

Under plans developed by Heather Humphreys, the Minister for Social Protection, people who lose their jobs will be entitled to more than the current weekly €220 full rate in the initial months after they are made redundant.

The payments will then reduce on a sliding scale.

Humphreys is also proposing a pension contribution for carers who have given up work ...