Is it a window or is it art? Johnny Ronan court case over Bewley’s Clarke windows inspires colourful sparring

The dispute, which has played out in the High Court in Dublin over the past two weeks, centres on the ownership of the six stained glass windows made by Clarke in the 1920s

Paddy and Veronica Campbell are served by Fabio in front of the Harry Clarke windows at Bewley’s in Grafton Street, Dublin. Picture: Rollingnews

A court case taken by Johnny Ronan’s real estate group against the company which operates the historic Bewley’s café on Grafton Street in Dublin city centre has had a “chilling effect” on the proposed donation of six stained glass windows worth more than €1 million, it has been claimed.

Paddy Campbell, who took over the Bewley’s business in 1986 in an effort to rescue it from financial trouble, said in court filings that Dublin City ...