Ifac slams Budget 2024 as ‘fiscal gimmickry’ and warns of return to Celtic Tiger spending

The state’s budgetary watchdog said the government’s recent budget package of tax cuts and higher spending was “mostly untargeted”

Michael McGrath, finance minister, and Paschal Donohoe, minister for public expenditure, before Budget 2024. Photo: Fergal Phillips

The state’s budgetary watchdog has slammed the approach taken by the government in Budget 2024 and accused it of “fiscal gimmickry” by dressing up permanent spending measures as once-off in nature.

In a highly critical paper issued on Thursday, the Irish Fiscal Advisory Council (Ifac) said the recent €14 billion budget package was “mostly untargeted” and that the government’s “everything now” approach of tax cuts, a ramp-up in capital spending and increases in current expenditure ...