RTÉ crisis

‘I was thrashed’ – Tubridy on RTÉ pay controversy

Former Late Late presenter now says the scandal was ‘arguably the best thing that ever happened’ to him due to his subsequent employment with Virgin Radio in London

Ryan Tubridy: ‘I always wanted to go to London. I always wanted to investigate radio over there and TV but I never did it. I was thinking about it but I was procrastinating.’ Picture: Fergal Phillips

RTE’s former highest-paid earner Ryan Tubridy said he was “thrashed” during a controversy which arose following revelations about his pay and an undisclosed commercial deal that was arranged by the national broadcaster.

The controversy saw Tubridy and his agent Noel Kelly, as well as senior executives and board members at RTÉ, called before crunch Oireachtas committees which probed a widening crisis at the broadcaster.

Ultimately, new director-general Kevin Bakhurst decided Tubridy would not return to ...