Climate Change

‘I hope he’s wrong’: Eamon Ryan responds to Bill Gates’ claim on global warming

On a recent podcast, the tech billionaire said he believed that the 2 degrees threshold would definitely be breached

Eamon Ryan, minister for the environment. Asked about Bill Gates’ comments, Ryan said it was hard to deny the fact that emissions and global temperatures were continuing to rise at a rapid rate. Picture: Fergal Phillips

Eamon Ryan says he hopes Bill Gates is wrong about there being “no stopping” the world passing 2 degrees of global warming.

The minister for the environment was speaking after the launch of the Climate Change Assessment report by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on Thursday, which found that Ireland was making limited progress in cutting emissions, and that the Irish climate would become “increasingly unrecognisable” as the century progresses.

In contrast to the urgency to keep global warming well below 2 degrees reflected in the EPA report, in a recent interview Gates recently said that the threshold will be breached and that “the world does not end at 2 degrees.”