Horse Racing Ireland brings new sponsors in the frame amid concerns about gambling curbs

The governing body of horse racing in Ireland has signed a number of new sponsorship deals over the last 18 months with firms in fresh sectors

Paul Dermody, chief executive of HRI Racecourses, Micheal Stafford, managing director of O’Driscolls Irish Whiskey and Vicki Donlon, commercial manager HRI Racecourses. Picture: Rollingnews

Horse Racing Ireland (HRI) last week announced a significant new sponsor when unveiling O’Driscoll’s Irish Whiskey as its official whiskey partner.

Landing any new sponsor is a cause for celebration for a sporting body but this deal had the added benefit of coming from a sector outside its traditional go-to of gambling as that industry finds itself in the cross-hairs of new legislation.

Paul Dermody, the director of commercial and marketing at HRI, said gambling ...