‘Historic’: Harland and Wolff to create 900 jobs in Belfast in contract to build Royal Navy ships

Contract to build three new ships – each as long as two football pitches – means the company is to build its first ships for 20 years

Harland and Wolff: the 160-year-old shipyard will play a big role in building three huge new British ships. Picture: Getty

Harland and Wolff, the Belfast shipbuilder, will create around 900 new jobs in the city as part of a £1.6 billion contract to manufacture three huge vessels for the British Royal Navy.

The 160-year-old business, built the Titanic, is part of a consortium of businesses which will deliver three 216-metre solid support ships to the navy, in what has been described as a “historic moment for shipbuilding in Belfast”.

The other companies in the consortium, ...