Government accused of ‘washing its hands’ of cash-for-visa scheme, denies ‘facilitating fraud’

SInn Féin TD accuses Department of Justic of ‘hogging a comfort blanket’ in declining to answer specific questions

The case of Kai Dai, one of Ireland’s biggest cash-for-visa brokers, who has been accused of loaning money to IIP investors knowing it was a violation of the terms of the scheme, was cited in a meeting of the PAC. Picture: Getty

The Department of Justice has been accused of "washing its hands” over the state’s billion-euro cash for visa scheme, and of “hogging a comfort blanket” in declining to answer specific questions about the scheme.

It denied having “established a scheme that facilitated fraud”.

Officials from the department were in front of the Oireachtas Public Accounts Committee (PAC) to answer questions on a number of issues, including the immigrant investor programme (IIP).

In relation to a ...