‘First in world’ new tool from Dublin startup helps automatically write emails

The technology can produce automated text rapidly and save time ordinarily spent writing emails and press releases

James McCann and Cormac Glynn, founders of Everhaze. Picture: Fergal Phillips

Everhaze, a Dublin-based start-up, has introduced new technology into its product offering that will allow PR agencies to create automated text for articles and emails.

The GPT-3 technology creates automated text based on simple prompts by the user. James McCann, chief executive and co-founder of Everhaze, said he believes the business is the first in the world to use this technology in this way.

“PR agencies have to produce a lot of content for clients, but it also has to be tangible for the journalist they are sending it to. I think GPT-3 can help solve that. It’s an aide to creating content to help PR professionals get past the writer’s block piece and produce content faster,” McCann told the Business Post. “It can save up to two-thirds the time spent on drafting a press release.”