EU got it wrong in push for electric vehicles over hybrids, Toyota Europe says

The vice president of the car maker said the recent slowdown in sales could have been predicted

Toyota factory production line: in order to help meet its emission reduction targets, the EU has adopted regulations that incentivise people to buy EVs

The stalling take-up of electrical vehicles (EVs) could have been foreseen by EU policymakers, the vice president of Toyota Europe has said.

Gerald Killmann said that Toyota predicted the recent slowdown in sales and that it was wrong for transport emissions targets to be based on mass adoption of EVs over hybrid technology.

“Toyota is very much fact-based, we do our own analysis, and based on that, we make our statements. Today's trends are in line with what we have been calculating, it shows that our analysis was in the right direction. That gives us confidence for our future planning,” he he told the Business Post at the Transport Research Arena conference in Dublin.