Engineering body in favour of pursuing Shannon LNG terminal

New report from Irish Academy of Engineering says major infrastructural developments, including roads and a 5G network, are necessary to ensure balanced regional development

The proposed Shannon liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal has faced much opposition, but the Irish Academy of Engineering is strongly in favour of it

The government should push ahead with controversial plans to develop the Shannon liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal, and also establish a state-owned national broadband body as part of the development of Ireland’s regional cities, a prestigious engineering body has said.

The Irish Academy of Engineering, an all-island body of experts, said a series of major infrastructure projects were needed to ensure the sustainable development of cities and regions along the western seaboard and Waterford.

In a new report seen by the Business Post, the body said projects across energy, broadband, transport and water services were required to achieve the ambition to develop Cork, Limerick/Shannon, Galway and Waterford as set out in the multibillion-euro National Development Plan (NDP).