Eirgrid launches updated roadmap to achieving 80% renewable energy on the grid by 2030

Long-awaited paper proposes the development of four renewable energy hubs and 16 new grid network projects, including power line upgrades

Shaping Our Electricity Future 1.1 has been long awaited, and its contents detail the scale of works needed over the next decade if the government’s renewable targets are to become a reality. Picture: Getty

Eirgrid has launched a major new plan to reach 80 per cent renewables on the electricity grid by 2030, describing it as a challenge “without precedent”.

The electricity grid operator, which also runs SONI, the electricity grid in Northern Ireland, quietly published its latest version of Shaping Our Electricity Future on Monday night, which contains plans for major grid infrastructure works and operational overhauls of the all-island power system by 2030.

Eirgrid launched the first ...