Edward Guinness on the Iveagh Markets: ‘It’s about the people of Dublin and what they want’

Years of dereliction have taken their toll on Dublin’s famous Iveagh Markets but with preservation works finally set to begin in the coming weeks Arthur Edward Rory Guinness is confident its fortunes may finally be changing

Lord Iveagh Ned Guinness has a renewed sense of optimism as preservation works at the Iveagh Markets are set to get underway. Picture: Bryan Meade

Pottering around the kitchen of his quaint terraced house in the Liberties, Arthur Edward Rory Guinness seems giddy with excitement.

He’s just come from an “extremely positive” meeting with Darragh O'Brien, the housing minister, and has been told that substantive works to preserve Dublin’s derelict Iveagh Markets will finally begin in a few weeks time.

According to O’Brien, the installation of safe access routes and removal of vegetation will be completed by the end of ...