budget 2024

Cost of living: Giveaway budget seeks to calm inflationary pressures and concerned economists alike

Slew of one off inflationary measures attempts to take the heat out of rising household costs without lighting a fire under the economy

Heather Humphries: Minister for Social Protection secured €2.3 million budget for her department, loaded with a suite of one-off cost of living measures. Picture: Norma Burke

The government on Tuesday unveiled what Heather Humphreys proudly told the media was the largest social protection package “in the history of the state“.

Totalling more than €2.3 billion aimed at helping pensioners, carers, people with disabilities and low-income families, the Minister for Social Protection’s comments coincided with a slew one-off cost of living budget measures designed to protect households from the impact of inflation.

These include spending on €400 lump sum payments for low-income ...