Consumers facing higher fuel costs as new measures delayed

Change in rules around biofuels will come into effect before a cut to excise

In recognition of the increased costs associated with the new biofuel mandate scheme, the Department of Environment, Climate and Communications has announced an excise duty cut of 1 cent per litre of diesel or petrol, and a cut to the National Oil Reserves Agency (Nora) levy of 1 cent per litre.

New measures to offset further petrol and diesel price increases as a result of government biofuel mandates won’t come into effect for months, leaving consumers paying even higher costs at a time of fuel price inflation, the Business Post has learned.

The government’s biofuel obligations scheme mandates the blending of renewable biofuels into diesel and petrol to a total volume of 11 per cent. This will rise to 13 per cent from the beginning of ...