Conor McGregor’s promotion of zero-alcohol stout criticised by harm reduction group

MMA fighter’s Forged Irish Stout 0.0 is not available on the market, but was recently promoted at Katie Taylor’s fight in the 3Arena

Forged Irish Stout 0.0 was available at Conor McGregor’s Black Forge Inn in Dublin, which was the official sponsor of the boxing match, during the week of Katie Taylor’s recent fight, although the final product is still in testing

Conor McGregor’s promotion of a non-alcoholic stout that is not on the market at Katie Taylor’s recent fight is a “perfect example” of attempts to bypass advertising rules, a harm reduction group has claimed.

As the sponsor of the event, McGregor’s “Forged Irish Stout 0.0” branding was on the ring mat and ropes at Taylor’s fight in Dublin, and T-shirts were given out in the 3Arena.

Forged Irish Stout 0.0 has not yet been released, ...